Toro Cup 20 was held April 30, 2022 at Toro HQ in Durham, NC.  The event started off with a bang.  Two Toro Cup veterans, Valerie Martinez (Lake Jiu Jitsu) and Samantha Schell (Schell Shock BJJ) started off with a fast-paced, intense nogi match.  Martinez got the win with a knee bar at 4:45, moving her Toro Cup record to 3-1.  

MMA Veteran, Shelton Sales (Combat Athletics) picked up a win with a dominating performance over a very tough Isaiah Monroe (Team ROC), 15-0.   Sales moves his Toro Cup record to 3-0, putting himself into title contention.  

Former Toro Cup Light Weight Champion, Daniel Charles Frank (Revolution BJJ), returned to Toro Cup with an impressive win over Desmund Reid, 13-2.  Frank moves his Toro Cup record to 8-2.

Sarah Woods (Chapel Hill Gracie Jiu Jitsu) weathered a ferocious storm from Paolo Gibbs (Nomad Jiu Jitsu) defending a tight triangle and vicious arm bar attacks.  Woods held strong and earned the tap at 3:12 via collar choke.

MMA legend, Wilson Reis (G13) became the inaugural Toro Cup Masters Lightweight Champion with a brabo choke against long time Toro Cup fighter, Cody Maltais (Elevate MMA).  The two battled back and forth before Reis forced Maltais to tap at the 6:55 mark.

Adrienne Saunders (Revolution BJJ) received a $100 submission bonus for her quick heel hook submission over Aswini Cherukuri (Elevate MMA) at :52.   That’s two wins in a row and two submission bonuses for Saunders.

Also earning submission bonuses for wins under 1:20 were Xzavier Atkinson (TFTC Academy) with a knee bar against Joey Ward (ZR Team) at 1:00.  As well as Nyla Harris (Mongrel BJJ) with a :35 arm bar over Elizabeth Turner (Grappling Club).  

The most entertaining match of the day was between blue belts, Rebecca Jones (ZR Team) and Audrey Copeland (Triangle Jiu Jitsu).  These two had an intensity and fantastic pace that the crowd loved.  Each clearly train Judo as well as Jiu Jitsu, as they wanted to bomb one another through the mat!  Jones came away with the victory via armbar at the 5:45 mark.

Other notable wins were earned by Braylon Manuel (Diego Bispo) moving his Toro Cup record to 5-2.  Philip Paynter (Next Element Academy) moved to 3-0, while his teammate, Ethan Daily moved to 2-1.   

Toro Cup commentator and former champ, Andrew Bitner, put down his headphones and returned to the mats to renew his rivalry with Bobby Gurley.  These big men put on a great show.  Bitner improved to 9-2 on Toro Cup.  He has the most wins in Toro Cup history.

The Corbe Brothers, Deandre and Gavin (Standard BJJ) were back on the famous “blue” Toro Cup mats.  Deandre had a long, tough fight against an always game competitor, Evan Arredondo.  Deandre forced Arredondo to tap to a heel hook after nine minutes of intense action. Gavin Corbe took on the “Giant Slayer” Estevan Martinez.  They had a wild, fast paced fight that ended with Gavin earning a 2-0 win.  

Toro Cup 20 raised $3,154 for the Autism Society of NC.  This brings Toro Cup’s total donations to over $50,000. 

Toro Cup 21 is scheduled for July 30, 2022.  Interested competitors should apply at

Full Toro Cup 20 Results: 

​1. Valerie Martinez def Samantha Schell via Knee Bar 4:45

2. Kondwani Khonje def Edward "Scott" Acosta, Jr. via Arm Lock 8:00

3. Marco Albuquerque def Tommy Cuozzi via Arm Bar 9:53

4. Amber Epps def Kari Lennon 2-0

5. Shelton Sales def Isaiah Monroe 15-0

6. Chanan Holloman def Jesse Royall 2:20 RNC

7. Gracie Grecco def Jessica Carter in OT, 2-0

8. Michael Karayiannis def Kevin Masterson, 13-2

9. Christian O'Brien def Justin Hale via injury default

10.  Annika GodinGreen def Ranndi Bitner via Omoplata 7:01

11. Joshua James def Tucker Peace 9-0

12. Daniel Charles Frank def Desmund Reid 13-2

13. Sarah Woods def Paola Gibbs via Collar Choke 3:12

14. Andrew Bitner def Bobby Gurley via Arm Bar 5:42

15. Aren Besson def Trenton Blaine due to "no show"

16. Melissa Connors def Aylissa St. John-Dorsey 7-0

17. Jonah Paasche-Orlow def Keijon James 10-0

18. Wilson Reis def Cody Maltais via Brabo Choke 6:55

    Reis becomes the Toro Cup Masters Lightweight Champion

19. Cidney Davis def Brianna Milholand via Arm Bar 2:25

20. Carson Quinene def Christian Massaro via Triangle 6:27

21. Adrienne Saunders def Aswini Cherukuri via Heel Hook :52

    Saunders won $100 for a submission under 1:20

22. Xzavier Atkinson def Joey Ward via Knee Bar 1:00

    Atkinson won $100 for a submission under 1:20

23. Ethan Daily def Dylan Martin in OT 2-0 

24. Shawna Barrow def Shannon McKenna via Bow & Arrow 7:50

25. Trevor Price def Sam Slyman via Ankle Lock 2:30

26. Clinton Stanley def Roland Mizell via Arm Bar 7:32

27. Nyla Harris def Elizabeth Turner via Arm Bar :35

    Harris won $100 for a submission under 1:20 

28. Deandre Corbe def Evan Arredondo via Heel Hook 9:27

29. Ryan Oakley def Chris Stepanski 9-0

30. Lydia Bergamasco def Colleen Daly 11-0

31. Philip Paynter def Wyatt Chapman via Arm Bar 8:43

32. R. Jimenez def Owen Tipton 17-2

33. Rebecca Jones def Audrey Copeland via Arm Bar 5:45

34. Marco Fuentes def Jose Scope via Guillotine 8:40

35. George Stephens def Michael Murray via Triangle 5:01

36. Elizabeth Dollason def Jenna Kazmierczak 9-0

37. Jared Fekete def Rayyan Naz via Arm Bar 3:55

38. Gavin Corbe def Estevan Martinez 2-0

39. Barbara Blanchart def Amaya Harris 4-2

40. Joshua Grubbs def Luke Humphreys via Arm Bar 1:38

41. Anastasia Kouloganes def Zoe Perissos via Kimura 7:35

42. Braylon Manuel def Robert Somersette 10-0