Toro Cup 

Jiu Jitsu Super Fights - By Toro BJJ Company    

Live to Roll - Roll to Live

Toro Cup 14 – What to expect:  (Scroll down for the schedule)

38 Awesome Jiu Jitsu Matches - beginning at 10am - get here early! 

Doors will open at 9am

50% of ticket sales will benefit the DeVinney Family. Chris DeVinney was the father of Luke and Max DeVinney who train at Great Grappling. Chris passed away suddenly after joining his sons on the mats for the very first time. This has left a financial hardship for the family. We want to help. 

Tickets: $15 for general admission. $25 for a chair.  We will have tickets available at the door.
Please bring CASH as it will make the line move quicker (We will accept credit/debit cards as well) 

If you purchased tickets online – check in at the “Will Call” table 

No one gets in for free.  Please don’t ask to get in for free and put us in an awkward position. 

PARKING - there is a large Food Lion across the street from us. Try not to park at the CVS as they get crabby.

Youth & Blue Belt Matches: 8 minutes , submission only. If there is no submission, we go to an immediate 5 minute overtime – POINTS round (no advantages). IF we are still tied – we go to SUDDEN DEATH – first point scored, wins.

Purple, Brown and NOGI: 10 minutes – same overtime rules

Black belt: 15 minutes – same overtime rules

Scoring and legal submissions – we follow the US Grappling standard rule set for adult and youth divisions.

Competitors please arrive at least 90 minutes prior to your approximate match time. We will have space for you to warm up and stretch. 


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Toro Cup 14

First Match Begins at 10am.     We will run matches back to back. 

Competitors should arrive at least 1 hour prior to their APPROXIMATE match time 


1. CJ Murdock (TOP MA) vs Cody Maltais (Elevate) 10:00am
2. Tabitha Yost (Alliance) vs Kari Lennon (Revolution BJJ) 10:12am
3. Steven Coble (Triad BJJ) vs  Tung Vu (TJJ) 10:22am
4. Miranda Yost (Method MMA) vs Bianca Harris (Uzcategui) 10:30am
5. Michael Sanda (Devine BJJ) vs Daniel Charles Frank (Revolution BJJ) 10:40am
6. Brittany Seagraves (Sparks MA) vs Tinah Chang (Standard BJJ) 10:52am
7. Josh Robinson (Schell Shock) vs Jimi Hoctor (RVA MMA) 11:02am
8. Kyle Williams (Devine BJJ) vs Anthony Edwards (Open Guard) 11:20am

                                                          HEAVYWEIGHT WORLD TITLE MATCH!                                                          

9. Jarod Lawton (Team Lawton) vs Trey Pace (Team ROC Fayetteville) 11:30am

10. Diana Hinova (Isaac July, Jr)  vs Emily E. Oor (Paulo Santana) 11:45am
11. Kris Sparks (Sparks MA) vs Anthony Wright ( Gracie Burlington)  11: 55am
12. Colleen Merullo (Bushido VA) vs Sa’idah Durkee (Isaac July, Jr) 12:05 pm
13. Vernon Kirk (Relentless MA) vs Brian Asheland (Rogue Combat Club) 12:15pm
14. Jeremy Arel (Great Grappling) vs Jake Whitfield (Gracie Goldsboro) 12:25pm
15. Abbi Tetterton (Rock Hill BJJ) vs Amaya Harris (Mongrel BJJ) 12:38pm
16. Liam Rodriguez (PAMA) vs Liam Kirk (Relentless MA) 12:48pm
17. Timothy Carrico (CVL BJJ) vs Daniel Branch (Gracie Raleigh) 12:58pm
 18. Miranda Maverick (House of Muay Thai) vs Valerie Wilson (3rd St) 1:10pm

19. Joao Miayo (Cisero Costha/Unity) vs Deandre Corbe (Coastal BJJ) 1:20pm

20. John Prado (High Noon) vs Matthew Zamora (Team ROC) 1:35pm
21. Nyla Harris (Mongrel BJJ) vs Erin Haymes Huan (Chapel Hill Gracie JJ) 1:44pm
22. Toby Gamble (Coastal BJJ) vs Desean Dixon (TJJ) 1:54pm
23. Cory Simpson (Absolute JJ) vs Samuel Boutwell (Valhalla MA) 2:05pm
24. Will Merino (Matt Larsen's Combatives) vs Bobby Gurley (Triad BJJ) 2:16pm
25. Dinah Barry (Team ROC) vs Gabriella McAuliffe (Rio Pro) 2:30pm
26. Johnny Buck (Rogue Combat Club) vs Andrew Bitner (Gracie Raleigh) 2:40pm
27. Deven Snyder (RMNU-NC) vs Gavin Corbe (Coastal BJJ) 2:50pm
28. Sophia Ashley (Elevate) vs Samantha Seff (Schell Shock) 3:00pm 


29. Cody Jones (Fitness Edge MMA) vs Isaac Rehner (Highstyle JJ)  3:12pm

30.  Alex Coleman (Standard BJJ) vs Sarah Jackson (Gracie CH) 3:25pm
31. Gannon Lang (BETA) vs Kyle Smith (Section 8) 3:34pm
32. Trenton Blaine vs Dylan Martin (Revolution BJJ) 3: 45pm
33. Summer Carpenter (Renzo Charlotte) vs Taylor Sausser (Gustavo Machado) 3:55pm

34. Austin Massei (Diego Bispo) vs Josh Murdock (Top MA) 4:10pm
35. Pierre-Olivier Leclerc (Tri-Star) vs Ricky Saxton (Team ROC) 4:25pm
36. Matthew Miller (High Noon) vs Stafford Hamilton (Evolution) 4:37pm
37. Alex Nguyen (Standard BJJ) vs Andreza Morais (Diego Bispo) 4:50pm 


                                  38.Brian Nielson (MMAI) vs Josh Williams (America)   5:05pm